The office

Welcome to the official website of The Lost and Found Office of Oddities. TLAFOO is a special branch department within the UK Lost and Found offices. Only the finest of the organisation are accepted into this department after many years of excellent service. Some officers work undercover, searching the world for strange objects left behind. Others work tirelessly in the office documenting the public’s suggestions as to what these unusual objects may be.


In many cases objects such as umbrellas, hats, laptops and coats are collected by their owner. However a small amount of lost objects are deemed ‘unknown’ ‘oddity’ or ‘unclassified’. These unusual objects are passed on to our office to research their use or background history and hopefully locate their owners.

The objects we are revealing on this website are only a small selection of our 400sq/m underground storage facility. After many years of working secretly within the inner sanctum of the Lost and Found offices, we have started an outreach programme within the city of Hull, UK.

A high rate of strange finds have been gathered within the Hull region over the years, alerting our office to set up a special office in the area.

We visit public areas such as markets, schools and community centres in our outreach programme to ask the public’s opinion about the objects we have found.

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