Spectacles with brush attachment

Spectacles with brush attachment

Handed in to our offices in January of 2006, this device consists of some protective glass with side lighting and a fine brush protrusion. A gentleman from West Hull handed this in to the Lost Property office in Hull, who in turn passed it on to ourselves.

Any information, stories, suggestions relating to this unusual item please describe below.

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Suggested uses, history, stories and ownership

  1. :

    For sweeping away my thoughts…

  2. :

    People with disabilities for example no arms. Or cleaning things out of cupboards without touching them.

  3. :

    It’s for large industrial cotton looms. When cleaning out the bits of cotton from the machine, you do not want to put your hands inside in case of injury. This device was used to clean out the machine using the lights for illumination, hands free.

  4. :

    This object is from 1924. It might belong to an old woman and it’s for the curtains or when people are in caves and they are looking for dinosaur bones

  5. :

    This is old. Maybe you can brush a tree so we can find an apple

  6. :

    This is an old thing. It is for getting gold

  7. :

    This is for a witch cleaning cobwebs in her cottage going into a hole down below

  8. :

    It might be used by somebody who works with insects maybe beetles and needs a magnifyer to look at them. Or somebody experimenting with something. They might actually handle things which are poisonous and the bush enables you can keep it at a distance from you.

  9. :

    It’s for smoothing the surface of a billiard or snooker table

  10. :

    It’s for people to clean bugs out of their cupboards without touching them.

  11. :

    “It’s for people with no arms who like gambling and need to collect the chips
    It’s sort of like for dragging stuff around.” Older People’s Celebration event.

  12. :

    It’s a headlight for headlice. It’s used by hairdressers to deal with unclean smelly hair or headlice so that you can keep your distance.

  13. :

    “Reading a mucky book in bed .. you can brush the dust off.” Older Persons celebration, Hull.

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