Boots with bowl attachments

Boots with bowl attachments

A pair of gentleman’s brown leather boots were left outside our entrance on September the 3rd, 2003. After many years of research we have yet to find out who the owner is or what the shoes were used for. Each boot has a connected, small metal (possibly brass) bowl.

Please add your suggestion below. We will thoroughly investigate any theories given.

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Suggested uses, history, stories and ownership

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    You put dog biscuits in the bowl and go dog walking

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    If you are out drinking put some liquid in the bowls and if you spill any, you know you’re drunk.

  3. :

    Shoes with tea light candles holders for greater visibility while trekking through graveyards.

  4. :

    Gentleman’s deportment, deportment boots. To make sure you have the correct posture and are walking correctly pour some water in the cups and make sure you don’t spill any.

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    One man band shoes

  6. :

    These are called shoe dingers. When your laces come undone, they hit the dingers an Bob’s your uncle.

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    They’re snowball making boots. Kick the snow to make a ball.

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    “They’re for use in the sewers or tunnels. They would have tea lights in them and they would wear shorts so that they didn’t burn their trousers. Their tunnel brogues those.”

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    They’re foot the ladder boots. The ladder goes inside the boots.

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