Plate with mirror

plate with mirror

Plate with mirror

This plate was found on Willerby Road, Hull by a local gentleman and handed in to our offices. He told us that it was hidden under a pile of cookery magazines from Denmark. Any information, suggestions or ideas (No matter how outlandish) as to what this object is for or its history, please enter in the box below.

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Suggested uses, history, stories and ownership

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    Maybe this is for mustachioed men. Whilst eating their baked beans or spaghetti off the plate, they can keep an eye on their hairy lip just incase any tomato sauciness escapes and sticks into their creation. A mirror will be on hand at all times for any foody type remenentness attaching itself to ones hairy creation.

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    This is used by vain but kind people. They watch themselves eating. This is so they can compose their features into an expression of enjoyment to be used when having to eat a terrible meal prepared by a loved one.

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    A dentist’s table. Put your false teeth on the plate, check in mirror, make adjustments.

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    So you can see if you have food all over your face.

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    This is part of a home dentistry kit

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    Maybe it’s a lady’s make up plate so you have both hands free for applying make up

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    “That’s the front wheel of a Skoda or Trebant. They were made of wood weren’t they?” Walton Street Market, Office of Oddities outreach tent, 28/09/16

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    This is for use at parties. While eating canapés, one can keep track of guests that you might like to avoid.

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    “Maybe that was a donation tray to put donations in and the mirror was for the vicar to keep an eye on it.” Older Person’s Celebration event, Hull

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    “When you’re at a party and there’s someone you don’t want to talk to, you can eat and see where they are so that you can avoid them.” Older Person’s Celebration event, Hull

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    “You would use that in a jeweller’s window – you’d put a nice necklace on it and the light would reflect and brighten up the jewelry.” Older Person’s Celebration event, Hull

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