Hat with hooks

Hat with hooks

This hat with various sized hooks was found on Anlaby Road, Hull, by a young girl returning home from school. The information we have is that it was found hooked onto a tree.

We are looking for any information or suggestions as to what it could be used for.

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Suggested uses, history, stories and ownership

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    These are not hooks but question marks. It is simply a ‘thinking cap (hat)’.

  2. :

    Under water ‘Hook-a-Duck’

  3. :

    When you’re a builder and you need to get changed, just hook your clothes onto the hat and get changed!

  4. :

    A Spaghetti hat….for collecting spaghetti.

  5. :

    An apprentice tradesman’s helmet for placing their badges of achievement.

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    For use in sewers maybe. Warders might use them for their keys as they are in charge of a lot of keys. Or if they are on a ladder they could hold lots of stuff.

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    Obviously that hat has been used to keep you safe.

  8. :

    balloon on a string salesman at the fair or coal miners tag collection as the
    crew leave the pit at the surface.

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    Apprentice tradesman’s hat for placing their badges of achievement.

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