Gloves with electrical connectors and output devices

Gloves with electrical connectors and output devices

These gloves were found in Albany Park, Hull on a park bench. Constructed in brown leather with unusual finger arrangement. Various inputs and outputs of electrical items are found around the gloves.

Any suggestions as to what they could possibly be for a warmly welcome.

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Suggested uses, history, stories and ownership

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    These connect to anything and test voltage. Used by electriancian and are 20 years old.

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    Karaoke Gloves

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    These are worn by high level altitude military pilots. Probably French bombers from mid 80’s to the early to mid 90’s. Probably around 500 were made and they would connect to a power unit on either the shoulder or torso.

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    I think they could be for a photographer who does wildlife or something like that when they’re in the wild as the gloves are very thick. They can put the volume up with the dial and plug in to all their equipment. It looks like it’s French by the thing on the zip.

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    RAF Radio device with themometer attached to a planes dashboard and you just slip your hands in.

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    “A CB gauntlet for communicating with other bikers. Or..
    It’s something for street theatre so that someone is linked up to all kinds of special effects. I’ve seen shows in Ghent where people were connected to all kinds of lights and things.” 29/09/16 Older People’s Celebration, Hull,UK.

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    “It could be connected to an oscilloscope that detects frequencies. That could be the main motherboard, because you can get them really tiny. So it could be a self-contained computer in a glove. They’re 80s or 90s definitely. There is power to it but where the negative is I don’t know. I think it could have been something as simple as a wearable computer that was maybe connected to your glasses. But I don’t think it came off.” 29/09/16 Older People’s Celebration, Hull,UK.

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