Brush with spring section.

Brush with spring section.

An unusual brush that has a large spring between bristles and handle. This item was found in Hull infirmary in 2001 by a health and safety inspector. After keeping the object for seven years, h decided o hand it in the the Lost and Found Office of Oddities.

If you have any suggestions as to why it has a spring or who might use it please leave a message below and we will investigate further.

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Suggested uses, history, stories and ownership

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    A trainee broom for baby witches like springy chickens you get in playgrounds.

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    A chimney sweep brush (small child)

  3. :

    A spring cleaner…

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    That is definitely used to sweep away cobwebs from the ceiling. It’s flexible enough to get into the cracks but it’s also quite delicate. Or it could be a practice broomstick for a novice witch

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    “Spring broom your wife would use it when you’d sent too long in the bookies. She’s wait for you to come home with this. Only used once.” Walton Street Market, Office of Oddities outreach tent, 28/09/16

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