Blue ball with keypad and aerial

Blue ball with keypad and aerial

This device came into our possession after a flood in 1974. A gentleman told us that he found it in a suitcase in a local park in the city of Hull. The blue ball appears to be metal with aerial attached. A thick electrical wire connects to an input number pad. There are three lights on the pad red, yellow, green. Unfortunately (or not) it doesn’t turn on.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what it is are greatly appreciated.

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    Some kind of walkie talkie type police radio listeninginner with lights that are for signal strength? Or is it a safe cracker or or… Is it something to try to contact aliens maybe it’s blue so it blended in with something the wires long was it a spy opperation oooh

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    “You may have seen it where people have been testing power cables and they’re holding a ball that glows just because they’re near a pylon. There is enough electricity generated in the air to light up. So this might have been something for somebody around the power station who was trying to work out if there was any spurious amounts of electricity in the air that shouldn’t be there. But how? As for the other end – it’s very baffling.” Older People’s Celebration, 29/09/16

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    It’s a safety device for swimming. If you’re in throuble whilst swimming, maybe across the channel covered in goose grease you can dial 911 or 999 and send out a distress signal.

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