A device of unknown origin

A device of unknown origin

This unusual device was found on Wold Road by a teacher who has informed us that she discovered it behind a yellow road salt container. The device has what we believe to be a brass receptacle with filter, wood handle or box, an electrical wire and plug. We have tested the item but it appears to not switch on. (Though there are no lights so we are unsure if it is on or not)

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    Is it a practice kissing device for a dalek?

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    For listening through walls.

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    Ear wax softener

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    It looks like an assembly of odd parts. For example, the metal bit resembles an oil funnel with a particle filter at the bottom, the handle looks as though it is upside down and came from an old hairdrier maybe, and trhe cable is cloth covered, as though it came from an electrical device like a hairdrier or iron.

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    “To listen to the mains buzz, the 50Hz buzz in order to check the cables. However, it might be therapeutic. Some people listen to white noise in order to calm down and I think this is an older version of that. You’d listen to the buzz.” Walton Street Market, Office of Oddities desk, 28/09/16

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