A ball and inbuilt spirit level

A ball and inbuilt spirit level

Here we have a plastic orange ball with wear and tear. Attached to it is a brass spirit level. This item was left outside our office door on may the 7th, 1982. We have decided to show it on our website in the hope that someone may have an idea or clue as to its origin and use.

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    I think this is a bowling award from the 1970’s

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    This is for surfers. When the ball is going side to side it is really choppy and when it is still they can go surfing.
    Or something to with a shipperman

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    You need goggles with this. It floats on the top of the water and you look at the spirit level from underneath to see if the water is rough

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    This was probably made as a plumbers practical joke for whoever can’t make tea.
    eg “Take this and go and check the water’s flush.”

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    A wave-ometer for fish so that the fish can tell how choppy the sea is

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    Elephants balancing ball.

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