The Staff

Emily Lostit

Head of sorting

Emily joined our office in 2009 after ten years service in the now defunct British Measurement Institute (BMI). Her experience in dimensions, weights and colour spectrums of objects has lead her to become an essential part of our organisation’s sorting department.

Ian Watsit

Object Category Executive

Ian came to us on work experience in 1997 and has worked his way up to become a leading figure in our Categorisation of Objects Department. Ian is often found reading our copy of The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) and claims to be able to categorise any object or animal within 0.7 seconds.

Francesca Foundit

Investigator of the Odd

Francesca worked within the bowels of Peckham Local Authority Lost and Found office for 18 years before being headhunted to join our special branch at the Lost and Found Office of Oddities. Her interests lie in the strange, odd, unusual and ultra rare. On weekends she tells us that she likes watching x-files box sets and x-factor.

Peter Thingy

Chief Officer

Peter Thingy was a leading figure in the foundation of this special branch of the Lost and Found offices in 1974. Due to his father going missing while serving in the SAS, he gathered the best and the brightest of Britain’s research offices to search for his whereabouts. Unfortunately nothing was found but the skills developed by the staff in their search lead to the creation of our unique lost property office. Mr Thingy still regularly visits our offices to inspect our return rates and see if any new items have come in. His most memorable moment while working at the office was returning an unusual earring to Princess Margaret 7 years after she lost it on a Royal visit to Pakistan in 1978.